COOLJOB Kids Gardening Gloves

BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE WORK GLOVES TO PROTECT KIDS High-quality kids gloves offer superior dexterity, flexibility, and protection. Breathable modal base to keep hands cool & dry. Soft modal fabric for highly stretchable & compressional. Latex foamed coating for more protection & a nonslip grip. Adjusted knitted wrist to keep dirt out. - Kids safety work gloves for general purpose, garden, yard, or indoor and outdoor play. Your little helpers will enjoy more when working & playing.


    Ergonomically designed for kids. Kids will enjoy having work gloves that actually fit their hands. Vibrant colors make it a popular choice among children. Modal base in bright colors strengthen protection and compliance. Cute patterns on the base to catch children's eyes and bring fun. COOLJOB kids work gloves definitely come in handy when you have your little helpers.

    Modal fiber is made with cellulose from beech trees. The biodegradability of cellulose ensures modal fiber to re-enter the eco-system. Our premium kids working gloves offer a more comfortable experience with natural and environmentally friendly materials.

    Your little ones will not complain about sweaty or smelly hands. Crafted with water-based thermal transfer printing inks without plasticizer. Two styles in one package to distinguish use. Adult sizes are available from COOLJOB to match. Premium gift packing, ready for your loved ones.